Precision placement

The science of precision placement

To get the data you need to power your IoT smart building initiative, you’re relying on sensors. But you don’t want the cost of installing those sensors to stop your project getting off the ground.

This is why you need precision placement. It’s the science of placing a minimum number of sensors to get maximum coverage.

Top-quality data and low total cost of ownership

Precision placement gives you two main, connected benefits:

Reduced TCO – typically by 40% – because you’ll need to deploy fewer sensors

Better quality data – because your sensors will be in exactly the right places

How do we deploy precision placement?

Our teams of highly qualified, experienced IoT engineers follow our industry-leading playbook to make your IoT initiative a reality. First, we assess your space and your goals, then we plan and set up project management control. Next we launch a pilot – and then we deploy as wide and as fast as you want to go.

The PrecisionIoT Playbook

Our blend of digital technologies, methodologies and expert engineering are your guarantee of success.

Assess space and set goals

  • Tools
  • Approach

Precision planning and placement

  • Tools
  • Engineers
  • PMO and documentation

Precision pilot

  • Tools
  • PMO
  • Documentation

Scale and pace deployment

  • PMO
  • Engineers
  • Right first time

Monitoring and maintenance

  • Tools
  • PMO

This is how to make CRE smart

  • Reduced TCO
  • Reliable data – 98%+ accuracy
  • Successful PoCs and delighted customers
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