Why do you need PrecisionIoT?

Don’t fail because of poor device placement

Poor device placement can lead to even the best IoT solutions failing. But if you or your contractors simply saturate spaces with devices, you’ll end up millions over budget, really quickly. In the world of smart buildings and IoT, “spray and pray” is the surefire way to tank a project.

Work with the experts who set industry standards

Deploying devices is a highly specialist science. Get it right and you save millions AND get better quality data. So partner with the experts here at PrecisionIoT to give yourself the advantage. Our proven approach is trusted by some of the biggest names in smart buildings. So why not join them?

Deploying at scale and pace – and saving our clients millions

We supported a REIT whose IoT deployment was struggling to get off the ground. After assessing their needs, we:

  • Reduced the planned number of devices being used by 40%
  • Provided a solution that delivered reporting at 15-minute intervals
  • Achieved 98%+ accuracy
  • Installed 5,000 units to 100+ sites in 17 weeks
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